Wash Bay Divider Curtain used in Large Storage Facility

Custom Wash Bay Curtain

AmCraft Manufacturing fabricated a wash bay divider curtain solution for a large farm that housed expensive equipment inside their shop. It was necessary to clean large farming equipment in a sectioned off area and prevent overspray from damaging other sensitive equipment inside. For this, AmCraft’s industrial wash bay curtains created a wash bay inside of their 80 ft. X 114 ft. shop the size of 75 ft. X 40 ft. This U shaped wash bay curtain was installed on a roller track system to retract and allow for a 30 ft. entrance door on the west end.

The wash bay divider curtain is made from heavy vinyl with a clear vision panel for employee safety. The roller track system was mounted to the ceiling trusses which allow the wash bay curtain to retract fully to the wall, allowing access to the shop without intrusion.

The cost for the wash bay divider curtain and track system provided a more custom design and was considerably less to purchase and install than a prefabricated attached wash bay system.

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