Weldview Welding Curtains in the Workplace

Weldview Welding Curtains are used in the workplace of many businesses today. Autobody shops, manufacturing facilities and industrial fabricators are a few of the industries that rely on a weldview curtain for welding safety in their business activities. AmCraft Weldview Curtains are fire retardant PVC protection screens that are used when welding, grinding, milling, and turning is performed in a shop. It can be used as a ceiling mounted curtain barrier, a welding room enclosure, or as a movable welding screen, giving you the flexibility to create a safety barrier for flash and arc light exposure when used in permanent or temporary welding work areas.

Many industrial, automotive and manufacturing processes require some welding in the fabrication of products, or in the services they provide. Welding can be dangerous to employees. That’s why it is important to assess beforehand the work area and foot traffic that will be affected by welding activities. A weldview curtain is designed to be a safety barrier to protect the eyes of workers in and around areas where welding is being performed.

Welding Safety Barriers that Meet Strict Guidelines

AmCraft weldview curtains are fabricated to meet OSHA requirements, and are durable enough to withstand a flash point of 600-730°, thus providing a safety barrier for workers on either side of the curtain. Weldview curtain panels are made of PVC material that is self extinguishing and meets CPAI-84 and California Fire Marshal tests. Many welding environments include a variety of activities that produce contaminates, and the weldview material is not only water repellant, but highly resistant to most chemicals, oil, UV rays, mildew, vapors, and rot that can accumulate over time.

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Make Employee Safety A Priority

Become knowledgeable about the general safety procedures that apply to using welding equipment. It doesn’t matter what type of welding you are doing, a welder should only work when protected by a welding curtain. Worker safety standards require this protection whether the welder is working in an individual booth, an enclosure, or in open areas where a movable safety screen barrier is used.

You must be vigilant in safeguarding your eyesite when welding. Welding emits arcs of bright light that can damage the eyes of welders, and others working around welding activities. The intense light that is emitted during welding can cause severe damage to the eyes and effect your eyesite. If you are not welding, you should still be vigilant and wear specially tinted safety glasses in areas where welding is taking place. AmCraft’s welding curtain, welding partition and welding screen use materials designed to block 100% of harmful UV light emitted by welding equipment. This welding barrier not only protects against the bright light of the welding arc, but also helps to contain heat and vapors to the welding or grinding area. A welding curtain wall is also an effective barrier for controlling dust and debris contamination that can affect the welding process.

A Welding Enclosure or Safety Wall Barrier is an Economical Way To Separate Welding Work Cells

A single wall welding curtain removes the need for building structural walls to create welding work cells in a facility. A welding curtain wall is an economical way to separate work areas for welding purposes and can make a fairly stable one piece wall barrier. There is a lot of flexibility in how you can apply welding curtains in the workplace. Permanent work stations can be installed using welding curtains and ceiling mounted steel track to create a stationary wall, or used with a steel roller track to create retractable curtains that can be drawn back and out of the way, exposing the area for additional activities. Single wall barriers, barrier wall enclosures and modular safety screens give you many options to create stationary or movable work cells unique for each welding need.

AmCraft Weldview Curtains Stand Up To The Toughest Workshop Conditions

AmCraft’s clear tinted welding curtains are available in a variety of colors, such as Aztec red, green, blue, and smoke. The 14oz weldview material is not only effective in blocking harmful light rays, but it can stand up to the harsh conditions of heat exposure from welding equipment and the waste it produces. To achieve the right amount of protection for people and the area where it is used, you’ll need to determine whether a permanent, temporary or movable welding curtain will work best. There are many options, from strip curtains or full length curtain panels of weldview material, or an industrial vinyl curtain with a weldview vision window panel would best suit your needs. Either way, AmCraft weldview curtains are constructed using high quality materials, have reinforced sewn edge seams and hems for added strength and durability, and track options to scale to your needs. It is easy to design a welding curtain that will meet the challenges of your toughest workshop conditions.

AmCraft Weldview Curtains are available in standard widths of 6ft., 12ft. and 24ft., heights are 8ft, 9ft, 10ft and 12ft. Other sizes are available to create custom configurations for the design and accessibility required for your specific needs.

To find out more about AmCraft Weldview Curtains and how they can benefit your workplace, visit or call one of our industrial curtain design specialists at 877-713-7209 today.