What You Need to Know About Acoustic Abatement Products & Decibel Reduction

AmCraft’s Acoustic Abatement Products

  • Single block barrier curtains. As a configurable product, our single block barrier curtains are retractable and can be hung to create a completely enclosed space. The soft side of the curtain – made with 2 inches of sound attenuation material – is hung to face the source of the noise you wish to dampen. The other side of the curtain – made of one layer of sound blocking material – acts as a barrier facing the area you want to keep quiet. The single block barrier curtains have a maximum height of 30 feet for retractable curtains and 40’ for stationary ones.
  • Double block barrier curtains. Just like the single block product, the double block barrier curtains are retractable and designed to configure to your needs. The front side of the curtain is made of 1 inch of sound attenuation material, followed by a layer of sound blocking material. Behind this is another layer of 1” sound attenuation material and sound blocking material, making this curtain have 2 complete layers. The double block barrier curtains have a maximum height of 20 feet for retractable curtains and 30’ for stationary ones.
  • Acoustic baffles. AmCraft offers acoustic baffles in several configurations – including ceiling, convex wall, flat wall, and free hanging – and sizes. These products feature 2.5-4 inches of cotton absorption material.
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Understanding Decibel Reduction

Putting an exact number on decibel reduction for a particular space is difficult – there are too many variables. Noise reduction products are just one element of a workspace’s acoustics. The size of the space; the material of the floor, ceiling, and walls; and how the acoustic curtains are placed all affect noise levels. In a small space, sound has less room to dissipate. This is particularly true of high-decibel, low-frequency sounds. Sound also will travel through and reflect off of different materials, like metal and concrete. Gaps between acoustic curtains will allow some sound to escape the barrier.

Given all of these factors, we cannot offer our customers a decibel reduction guarantee, but we can demonstrate how our products have been used in multiple different settings. Our case studies show the decibel reduction results achieved in real-world projects, which you can use as a model for understanding what to expect with your own project.

Double Barrier Stationary Wall

In addition to our case studies, we also provide sound transmission (STC) and noise reduction coefficient (NRC) ratings for each of our acoustic abatement products. These ratings, helpful for any noise abatement product, measure two different things. STC ratings measure how well a product lessens decibels as noise passes through it. NRC ratings measure how well a product absorbs sound. Review the STC and NRC ratings for each of our products on our data sheets.

Our acoustic abatement products are designed to bring effective noise reduction to your workspace. Reach out to our team to create your curtain and take the first step toward improved noise management.