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Why Temperature Control is Important for Your Warehouse Employees

Warehouses are a major hub of the logistics industry, storing everything from consumer packaged goods to electronics. Many warehouses store and handle temperature-sensitive products, such as food and pharmaceuticals. Maintaining the proper temperature is essential to supply chain integrity and product quality. However, products aren’t the only reason warehouse owners need to be concerned about temperature. Employee comfort and productivity are also important factors to consider.

Temperature Control Challenges

Warehouse utility management is complex. Environmental conditions need to be precisely controlled to ensure temperature- and humidity-sensitive items are safely stored before moving onto the next step in their supply chain journey. For many facilities, especially large ones that handle a wide variety of goods, this necessitates separate temperature zones.

Discrete temperature areas in a large facility can lead to expensive energy bills, and it can be a challenge for the employees working the warehouse. Can the employees easily access different areas to do their jobs? Does moving from zone to zone affect the temperature or humidity control? Are employees comfortable while they do their jobs?

Thermal Retractable Curtains

How Insulated Curtains Work

Thermal insulated curtains are an effective temperature control tool for industrial and warehouse settings. Insulated curtains can work in tandem with heating and cooling systems and commercial humidifiers or dehumidifiers to keep precise environmental control in separate areas configured to your warehouse’s needs and can be retractable or stationary.

The R-value of the product determines how high of a temperature differential a curtain can easily maintain. A curtain with a higher R-value means that maintain a higher temperature differential is possible, which is typically useful for industrial facilities with temperature extremes.

Many warehouses find beneficial use for options on the lower R-value side, such as:

R-4 & R-5 Insulated Soft Wall
  • R-4 insulated soft wall curtains (retractable) – R-4 insulated curtains have a maximum height of 25 feet and one inch of insulation material with a maximum temperature differential of 22 degrees Fahrenheit. R-4 curtains have a retractable construction, allowing warehouses to easily reconfigure the curtains for their needs.
  • R-5 insulated soft wall curtains (stationary) – R-5 insulated curtains have a slightly higher temperature differential of 25 degrees Fahrenheit. This option also has one inch of insulation material, but they can reach 40 feet in height. R-5 curtains are designed for stationary use.
Both types of curtains serve as barriers, creating temperature buffer zones wherever is needed in a warehouse.

How can lightly insulated curtains help warehouses?

  • Product storage – Temperature and humidity control are a primary concern for product quality and safety during storage. Insulated curtains offer a durable, effective and flexible solution to warehouses’ environmental control challenges.
  • Loading docks – Products need to move through warehouse loading docks to shipping containers, but temperature control remains important in this area of the facility. Insulated curtains can be employed to maintain the proper temperature here as well as in the interior of the warehouse.
  • The retractable version of our Insulated curtains allows the ability to use the curtains as needed. For example, retractable curtains still allow for machining deliveries.
  • Energy bills – By creating the separate temperature zones necessary, a warehouse can heat and cool smaller areas more effectively. Employees can easily move from one zone to another, while curtains help contain the temperature-controlled air.
  • Employee comfort – Prolonged temperature extremes negatively affect employee productivity, and they are uncomfortable for your team. By creating separate temperature zones with insulated curtains, employees only need to move into areas of extreme heat or cold when necessary to their jobs.

Take a look at our insulated curtains and ask us how our products can help your warehouse and your employees.