Helpful Tips Before Ordering Industrial Curtains and Cleanroom Enclosures

Consider these

helpful tips before ordering industrial curtain systems and cleanroom enclosures.

Careful planning helps to create the perfect Industrial Curtain Wall or Cleanroom Enclosure for your Space.

Industrial curtain walls and curtain enclosures are used in many business applications to contain a space for a variety of uses. Industrial curtains are used as warehouse curtains, room divider curtains, softwall cleanrooms, hot air / cold air aisle containment curtains, autobody shop curtains and car wash curtains, to name a few.

Industrial Curtain Walls are typically ceiling to floor 14 oz or 18 oz vinyl curtains that are hung on a steel roller track system. The curtain walls are often retractable for the ease of accessibility, and the track can be re-mounted to a stable structure for mobility anywhere within your facility.

To assure a successful curtain project, AmCraft provides helpful tips before ordering industrial curtains or cleanroom enclosures. Here are a few important details to take into consideration before ordering a curtain wall system:

  • Determine if your workspace is near fire, sparks or highly flammable items. This would mean you should order a specific pvc vinyl material that is flame rated and hazmat safe.
  • Is there a sprinkler system in your facility where the curtains will be installed? The curtains need to be installed in a way that complies with your local fire department safety codes.
  • Ensure that the structure will support your curtain wall system or curtain enclosure at the ceiling level. These curtains tend to be heavy and are used typically with roller track systems, so the track system needs to be stable. We can help you determine what the weight of your curtains will be before you order to alleviate any potential problems during installation.
  • If you need to create an enclosure that is airtight, light tight or a cleanroom enclosure free of contaminants, we recommend that you use filler panels at the ceiling level, between the ceiling and the curtain track. These are foam filler panels that are custom cut with perforated, slotted angles that are perpendicular or parallel to your structural deck ceiling to create a fit tight. They are used with a ceiling suspension mount, and are custom cut every 5’ to 8’ the make them malleable enough to be notched, yet strong enough to mount all the way up to the ceiling deck. Heavy adhesive velcro strips are used to attach the filler panels. The foam filler panels also serve as a ‘wall’ of the enclosure to control temperature variances between the inside and outside of the contained area. They provide a custom solution to any ceiling deck and are easy to install and replace.

Call AmCraft at 847-439-4565 with your specific requirements and we will help to make sure all of these important installation details are addressed before you order your curtain. Visit our website at for more information about Industrial Curtain Walls and custom Cleanroom Enclosures.

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