Keeping the Peace: Reducing Industrial Noise with Curtains

When a business has certain processes within the workflow that may disrupt neighboring companies, residences, or other facilities, it is important to stay within the city ordinances to avoid citations for sound disturbance. Our industrial sound curtains help to create an environment that will

reduce industrial noise,

help to absorb industrial clamor, and assist in reducing echo within the warehouse. Take a look below at one instance in which AmCraft industrial sound curtains solved the issue of noise disturbance for a meat company.

Too Early To Rise: Noise Complaints

A company within the meat industry contacted AmCraft to reduce the noise levels that were made from loading trucks during working hours. The company is located in a semi-residential area and starting the day at 3:30 A.M., the company had several complaints about the sounds not only from the truck loading docks, but also from within the industrial space (due to echo in the warehouse).

Careful to be respectful to their neighbors, the company decided that they needed a movable, sound reducing solution that would help absorb the industrial sound, decrease the warehouse echo, and reduce the work noise that was disrupting many residences very early in the morning. This solution also required the ability to move out of the way (or retract) as needed to allow more space for movement of product and people. Since the noise curtain may be exposed to outdoor elements, they were able to choose a pleasing color for the outer vinyl layer, creating a durable, professional-looking outer shell which can be easily cleaned.

Being a Good Neighbor: A Noise Reduction Solution

After working with our technical specialists, the company was able to successfully section off an area of the warehouse which faced the residences, allowing for the noise, echo, and any other industrial sounds to be absorbed and greatly reduced using our retractable noise reducing curtains. The reverberated sound from the warehouse, the noise from the truck loading station, and any other noise permeating through the area was now contained within the business itself, creating an environment that is comfortable for the surrounding areas.

With our unique attention to absorbing the sound wave before it reaches the sound membrane, it creates a more functional opportunity for the curtain to work effectively for its industrial noise reduction purpose. Contact our technical specialists today with details on how industrial sound curtains can help your project! Call us at 847-439-4565 or email us at

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