The Unpredictable Polar Vortex: 5 Reasons to Use Industrial Grade Thermal Curtains

With the polar vortex unpredictably shifting temperatures worldwide, it is always a good idea to prepare your business for spikes and dips in the ambient temperature – industrial grade thermal curtains will help your facility prepare for this occurrence. You can never really tell what temperature it going to be nowadays! While it is not 60° below freezing, it is still unseasonably cooler than normal and displaying some erratic weather patterns across the globe, causing some HVAC systems to work overtime in trying to maintain your desired temperature. This is where temperature control curtains would come into play.

Try not to think of these curtain dividers as only a necessity in the colder months, but think of an insulated industrial partition as providing you with the following:

  • A way to save on heating and cooling costs
  • Protecting integrity of temperature-sensitive products climate controlled areas
  • A temperature control divider that acts as a wall or can be pushed to the side, as needed.
  • Creating rooms within large areas

One additional fact to keep in mind is that a temperature can only be maintained if your HVAC system in place is functioning correctly, is set at the desired temperature level, and is a system with the appropriate specifications to heat or cool the designated area (For example, a split system air conditioning unit would be a very different system than an HVAC system to heat and/or cool a medium to large size warehouse).

As we delve into the ways that industrial grade thermal curtains can divide spaces and cut costs, please remember to keep four jackets – one for each season – on hand while you are waiting on your insulated industrial partition curtains!

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Save on Heating & Cooling Costs

So the temperature in the Chicago area has dipped from close to 90’s to lower 50’s this week. Other areas around the world are also experiencing some very peculiar weather patterns, which throws off a great number of commercial HVAC systems.

Whether it is extreme heat from the outside and cooler air in the inside, or breezier outside with heat on the inside – temperature control dividers will help you contain your inside temperatures while keeping the outside weather where it should be – outside. The insulation that this curtain divider will provide will seal off the area and provide an effective barrier between your business operations and the great outdoors.

Protect your Temperature-Sensitive Products

When weather changes at the drop of a dime, certain areas that store temperature-sensitive products are at risk of being compromised. If a proper industrial grade thermal curtain enclosure is in place, complete with all edge sealing options (floor sweep, Velcro closures, custom filler panels, soft vinyl ceilings, etc.), you can contain the fixed temperatures within an area – with the ability to customize your curtain walls to fit any exhaust or temperature control equipment. HVAC systems will have far less “adjustment periods” in a warehouse or large space if your insulated industrial partition curtains are containing the area properly.

The only chance for this area to become variable is if you change the temperature! The inside of this insulated industrial partition containment room will always remain at a fixed, desired temperature, keeping the integrity and the quality of your product intact.

Retractable Temperature Control Dividers with R-Value!

When addressing sectioning off a large space, such as a warehouse area, you want to have the best possible solution for your business. Your list of “must-haves” or desired qualities for a dividing partition may look like the following:

  • “I want to have a temperature control divider with a specific R-Value.”
  • “Complete wall build-outs are very expensive.”
  • “I do not want to wait for a complete wall build out.”
  • “I want to have the ability to open the space up when needed.”
  • “I have a specific temperature difference between areas.”
  • “I want my temperature control divider to protect the inside of my large space from outdoor weather elements and temperatures.”

A retractable insulated industrial partition will satisfy these requirements and provide you with a solution that addresses space division and insulation issues without breaking the bank or slowing operations for months due to construction time! If temperatures on side A and side B of your curtain wall area have a differential of greater than 8°, it is time to consider using an insulated curtain! In all other cases, it may only be necessary to use a single-layer curtain that includes edge sealing options to stop airflow. Whichever your industrial curtain solution may be, your business can continue daily operations, even while the system is being installed in your facility.

A Room within a Room: Thermal Curtain Enclosures

Freestanding, suspended, and floor-to-ceiling mounting options for your enclosure give your thermal curtain walls a structure in which a room can be created within a large area, where there are no walls or structures. You will find in many situations, especially temperature sensitive areas, the need for industrial grade temperature control dividers to separate higher degree differentials is essential for your business operations.

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