wash bay curtains
Curtain Applications

Wash Bay Curtains

Wash Bay Curtains Wash bay curtains from AmCraft Manufacturing can be made to fit a range of sizes and can be designed in many configurations.

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Curtain Divider Walls

How to Recognize the Key Features of a Quality Industrial Curtain Wall

In this day and age, a consumer is faced with many different purchasing options. For every product that you may want to buy, you can likely find a healthy amount of companies that offer it. Often times, deciding which company to purchase a product from can be just as big of a decision as deciding what product to purchase…

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Thermo-Block Industrial Curtains - Infographic
Climate Curtains & Temperature Curtains

The Benefits of Thermo-Block Industrial Curtains (Infographic)

Learn how thermal block industrial curtains help to control the temperature and separate areas in your industrial warehouse, manufacturing plant, or facility. In addition, learn how a thermo block insulated industrial curtain wall can provide a much needed R-Value as highlighted in this infographic courtesy of AmCraft Manufacturing…

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