Suspended mount track industrial curtain wall
Create An Industrial Curtain

Create the Perfect Industrial Curtain for your Application

Let AmCraft show you how to create the perfect industrial curtain for your application in the workplace. First we’ll need to determine if you need to solve a temperature control or contamination problem in your facility. There are many options for you to design a containment barrier or enclosure from industrial curtains to protect workers, equipment or stock inventories…

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Welding Curtain
Weldview Welding Curtains

Weldview Welding Curtains in the Workplace

Weldview Welding Curtains are used in the workplace of many businesses today. Autobody shops, manufacturing facilities and industrial fabricators are a few of the industries that rely on a weldview curtain for welding safety in their business activities…

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Curtain walls by amcraft manufacturing
Aluminum Auto Body Shop Curtain Enclosures

Why Do You Need an Aluminum Body Shop Enclosure?

When it comes to auto body work within a shop, it’s not uncommon for multiple projects to be going on at once. For that reason, many facilities opt to install vinyl curtains to keep things like chemical vapor, dust and dirt, paint, and other debris from contaminating different workspaces…

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Acoustic solutions baffle sound panels restaurant
Climate Curtains & Temperature Curtains

Commercial Restaurant Curtains vs. Decorative Curtains

Businesses usually know where to go to purchase standard products that are used within their industry. When a new need presents itself, a business owner will look to suppliers in their industry first. However, sometimes there is a need these suppliers can’t meet…

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