Spray booth industrial curtain
Climate Curtains & Temperature Curtains

How Can You Use Industrial Wall Curtains to Save Energy and Money?

If you work in a factory or other large building, chances are you’re always looking for ways to cut operating costs. One way to do so is by saving energy on heating and cooling. If your workspace is located in an area where winter and summer temperatures are often referred to as…

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Climate Curtains & Temperature Curtains

Three Benefits of Using Retractable Curtain Walls

If you’re considering installing industrial curtain walls in your workspace, you’ve likely already researched their benefits and functions and know what they can add to your space. They’re non-permanent which makes them an ideal choice for areas that may shift in functionality with time…

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Industrial Acoustic Curtains Truck
Acoustic Sound Curtains & Panels

Best Industrial Soundproofing Curtains

If you work in an industry that often works on projects that create a lot of noise—mechanical work, factory production lines, etc.—you’ve probably already looked into what noise-blocking or noise-reduction curtains can offer to your facility…

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Curtain Enclosure
Industrial Curtain Enclosure

Creating a Comfortable Workspace:  A Curtain Wall Enclosure Case Study

In order to create and define work space within an open facility setting (such as a warehouse), companies can do one of two things:  either construct a solid wall or install a curtain wall enclosure.  With a solid wall, there is a substantial design and lead time for the build and it is non-configurable…

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Solid and Clear Food Grade Curtains
Food Grade Curtains

The Food Grade Standard: Food Grade Curtains for your Facility

In the food processing and manufacturing industry, food grade standards of safety are regulated with a strong hand by federal and government sanctioned agencies.  Especially in the case of meat, poultry, and produce, these federal regulations are set in place in order to protect the well-being of the general population…

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