Auto Body Shop Curtain
Aluminum Auto Body Shop Curtain Enclosures

Industrial Curtain Walls for Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops are notoriously grungy – it’s not a lack of maintenance, but simply inherent in the line of work. With oil, grease, rubber, metal debris, and other messy materials, it’s unsurprising that auto repair shops can get a little dingy…

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Acoustic Curtain
Acoustic Sound Curtains & Panels

Differences Between Acoustic Curtain Panels

Acoustic industrial curtain panels are made to reduce noise and sound reflection between areas and/or within a large space. For example, they can be used to shield employees from loud machinery within a factory or reduce echo in a recreational venue…

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Reducing Reverb in Recreational Venues

If you look around your local health clubs, indoor pools, theaters, auditoriums, gymnasiums, or concert halls, you may notice panels and/or that are located sporadically across the venue – these are, more than likely, sound-absorbing wall panels, noise control curtains, and/or partitions…

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Why Should You Be Using Acoustic Curtains?

Keeping noise from permeating an entire space can seem like a tough thing to do, especially in industrial settings. Sure, industrial curtains can be installed, but unless they are acoustic curtains, they won’t do much about absorbing sound…

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