Industrial Curtain Wall

An Industrial Curtain Wall is used in many industries as a way to separate space within a larger facility. Many times the division is necessary to control temperature zones. When used in a warehouse, an area is sectioned off to provide a cool space to…

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Industrial Curtain Enclosure

An enclosure made with Industrial curtains are an economical and easy solution to separating large spaces. Many types of businesses require a room divider solution for their warehouse or other large space within a facility…

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Acoustic Curtains with Custom Windows
Acoustic Sound Curtains & Panels

Retractable Acoustic Curtains

AmCraft Manufacturing has engineered a new retractable acoustic curtain option for insulated curtains used in the workplace. Our unique design is lightweight and easy to retract on an industrial roller track system…

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Photography Backdrop Curtains

Photography backdrop curtains can be custom made to any size required to fill a large space, typically a warehouse. AmCraft photography backdrop curtains are custom made using your choice of vinyl or fabric material in many solid color options…

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