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The Top 5 Benefits of Insulated Curtains

Warehouse Curtain Air-Tight

The Top 5 Benefits of Insulated Curtains Whether in the dead of winter, or the middle of summer, it is always a great idea to prepare your facility for the rise and fall of extreme temperatures. Insulated curtains can be highly beneficial to industries that wish to control the temperature variances in their facility. You… Read more »

Brewing from Start to Finish: How Temperature Matters in the Beer Business

Temperature control brewery beer storage warehouse amcraft manufacturing

Brewing from Start to Finish: How Temperature Matters in the Beer Business The beer market is valued at $114.2 billion, and there were more than 7,000 breweries operating in the United States in 2018, according to the Brewers Association. Each of these breweries carefully crafts their beers, starting with the raw ingredients and finishing with… Read more »

Winterize Your Warehouse with Insulated Industrial Curtains

Winterize your warehouse with Insulated Industrial Curtains

Winterize Your Warehouse with Insulated Industrial Curtains Winter is coming. In fact, in many areas winter has arrived earlier than expected. With the change in seasons comes drastic shifts in the temperature. Is your facility weather-proofed? Here is a quick three step checklist to follow in order to winterize your warehouse and get weather ready:… Read more »

The Benefits of Thermo-Block Industrial Curtains (Infographic)

Thermo-Block Industrial Curtains - Infographic

Learn how thermal block industrial curtains help to control the temperature and separate areas in your industrial warehouse, manufacturing plant, or facility. In addition, learn how a thermo block insulated industrial curtain wall can provide a much needed R-Value as highlighted in this infographic courtesy of AmCraft Manufacturing…

The Benefits of Industrial Curtains for Your Dock

Industrial Curtains for Your Dock

Many industrial facilities have interior loading docks, but when the overhead door is open and a truck is in the dock, all the outside weather comes into the facility. This can increase your heating and cooling costs; let in dirt and debris that can damage your products; create unsafe conditions; and make your team miserable and less productive…

A Creative Way to Boost Insulation Value with Industrial Thermal Curtains

Aviation Curtain

As we move into a cooler time of year, many of you will start to focus on the temperature in your facility. Typically an HVAC technician is called in to check up on furnaces, heating vents are unblocked, and additional insulation may be added to existing walls and ceilings…

Prepare for Summer with Industrial Insulated Curtains

Retractable Insulated Enclosure Pass-Thru

When you think of summer, you want to envision sunny skies and soaking up the warm air. Although we enjoy all that summer brings, it can be a difficult time for businesses and their inventories…

Commercial Restaurant Curtains vs. Decorative Curtains

Noise Dampening Acoustic Curtains

Businesses usually know where to go to purchase standard products that are used within their industry. When a new need presents itself, a business owner will look to suppliers in their industry first. However, sometimes there is a need these suppliers can’t meet…

How Can You Use Industrial Wall Curtains to Save Energy and Money?

If you work in a factory or other large building, chances are you’re always looking for ways to cut operating costs. One way to do so is by saving energy on heating and cooling. If your workspace is located in an area where winter and summer temperatures are often referred to as…

Three Benefits of Using Retractable Curtain Walls

If you’re considering installing industrial curtain walls in your workspace, you’ve likely already researched their benefits and functions and know what they can add to your space. They’re non-permanent which makes them an ideal choice for areas that may shift in functionality with time…