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Threaded Rod-with Clamp, Bolt, & Side Mount Plate-Mounting System

Threaded Rod Clamp Bolt Side Mount
  1. The threaded rod mounting system, with beam clamps and the side mount plate, is designed to attach to the flange of a sloped beam that runs above your proposed track. The threaded rod allows you to drop the curtain and track down below your beam and also to level slope.
  2. The beam clamps are to be clamped onto your beam in the ceiling.
  3. The side mount plate is attached to the face of the beam clamp, via the provided bolt. The bolt should fit into the threaded hole on the face of the clamp and secure the plate to the clamp.
  4. The threaded rod are to be attached to the plate via the threaded hole on the bottom of the plate. The plate should be able to adjust so that it is angling the rod straight down, not at an angle. Once the angle is adjusted, the bolt should be tightened to re-secure the plate.
  5. The threaded rods are designed to drop down and connect to your track at the other end (the end not occupied by the beam clamp and plate). Threaded rods come is standard lengths and may need to be cut in the field.
  6. The rods should connect to the track- via connectors and split supports- at the other end. Please use the 3 nuts (provided) per threaded rod to track the connection.
  7. 7. Threaded rod connectors are to be used at every connection point between two tracks. Please use the provided set screws to secure the tracks into the connector.
  8. The threaded rod split supports are designed to hold the ends of each track run or support a curve. The split supports will support the track but will not connect two track pieces together.
  9. If your track runs end at existing walls, you can substitute the split supports for wall mount end stops.
  10. If your track runs do not end at existing walls, then please use the threaded rod split support- mounted to the I-beam above via the threaded rods, to support the end of your track. Adjustable end stops should be used at track end stop rollers from falling out of the track.
  11. Once the track is mounted, the rollers should be slid into the tracking. The end stops should then be put in. Curtains can be hung from there.
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