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An Overview of Purchasing Industrial Curtain Hardware

Floor Column Mount System

An Overview of Purchasing Industrial Curtain Hardware Finding yourself in a situation where you need to order a product that you are not familiar with can be a very intimidating position to be in. Industrial curtains and industrial curtain track systems are products that typically fall into this category; you find yourself needing them but… Read more »

End Fittings for Track

End Fittings for Track Wall Mount Fitting with Bracket Down Regular End Fitting Adjustable End Fitting Mounting hardware for Track Systems Choose from 5 different Mounting Systems: Chain or Beam Type MountWorks well when attached to a support member immediately above the top of the curtain. Threaded Rod Type MountWorks well when the attachment points… Read more »

The Benefits of the Suspended Mounting System

Suspended mount track industrial curtain wall

There are a variety of methods that can be used in order to mount an industrial curtain track system, each made to fit a different type of ceiling or building structure. The most popular option is a suspended mounting system…

Get a Room!:  PVC Vinyl Enclosures

In a large space, whether it is a warehouse and/or industrial setting or a large, recreational venue, a PVC vinyl enclosure can create a room where there isn’t one. An industrial curtain enclosure is a perfect option to help you successfully divide workspace by application, process, or function…

Industrial Curtain Wall Channel stop curtains from ‘billowing out’

AmCraft devised a plastic industrial curtain wall channel that mounts to your wall to help control ‘swaying’ of the curtain from wind or indoor blower equipment. The Industrial Curtain Wall Channel stop curtains from ‘billowing out’, which is caused by the extreme height of…

Industrial Curtain Mounting Options for Industrial Use

When installing industrial curtains with suspension systems, especially sound attenuation curtains or panels which tend to be heavier, it is recommended that you consider the Unistrut Ceiling Support System. AmCraft provides several industrial…

Ceiling Mounted Industrial Track Systems

Ceiling Mount

Ceiling Mounted Industrial Track Systems or suspended curtain track systems are typically used to hang heavy industrial curtains in order to create new work areas or to section off rooms within a larger space…

Industrial Curtain Track System for Dividing Work Areas

An industrial curtain track system for dividing work areas was created for Dave Tesler who runs a point of purchase display, prototype production shop for a successful display designer and manufacturer. The shop is 3550 sq feet with 14 foot high ceilings…